How Does it Work?

Once you've added GAS to your browser, using it is just two mouse clicks away.


Step 1

Anytime you're shopping anywhere online, just before you click that "add to cart" or "buy" button, click "Green This!" first.

(don't see a "Green This!" button in your browser?)


Step 2

The GAS window will appear over the store you're visiting. Now all you have to do, is click the "Green this purchase!" button.


Step 3

Now just complete your purchase as usual. You don't have to pay anything extra, you can use any discounts you normally would… Nothing changes. We'll make sure the site you're shopping on will donate a part your payment to a green cause that will be selected by GAS users.

So how does it work? If I don't pay anything extra, where does the money come from? Click here to see how it works.