How Does it Work?


Some companies care about the environment, some don't. But they all care about doing good business, and one of the most popular ways of doing business online is through affiliate sales.

Let's say you're shopping at, and just before adding a new DVD to your shopping cart you click the "Green This!" button.

By clicking the "green this purchase" button in the GAS window, you're letting us tell the site - "Hey Amazon… It's us, GAS… your affiliate. These guys just came from us and purchased a DVD from you, now give us our affiliate fee for referring them to you".

At the end of the month, all the stores you purchase from, send us our affiliate fees, and we donate that money to a green charity (we donate 100% of the affiliate fees we get… to the last cent!)

Now every store you purchase from is suddenly greener, and to them… it's just good business.

Ready to get started? Get the GAS bookmarklet.