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Green Any Site, gives shoppers the ability to easily donate a portion of any online purchase they make to the environmental charity of their choice. All it takes is clicking a special "green this!" bookmark whenever they shop online.

Using GAS is free, there’s nothing to install, it takes just a click each time you buy something anywhere online and the amount that gets donated is quite substantial (an average of 5% of the money you spend goes to the environment).

To use GAS, just add the "green this!" bookmarklet to your browser, and click it once whenever you’re about to add something to your shopping cart in any online store. The bookmarklet will open a small box on top of the store telling you that "You are shopping at WidgetStore, click here to green this purchase"… When you click it you are sent right back to the store, where you can complete your purchase as usual… Nothing changes in your shopping experience beyond that small click… But that small click has a big environmental impact.

The idea behind GAS is very simple… Instead of spending years waiting and convincing retailers to go green and change their practices, GAS uses existing business practices that make sense to retailers and that they all support… affiliate marketing.

The "green this purchase" link is actually an affiliate link, created in real-time based on where you clicked the bookmarklet from, and leading right back to where you were shopping… So when you click the bookmarklet, you’re basically telling the site that GAS sent you, and they pay GAS a commission for referring you to them… Each month, GAS donates 100% of the affiliate fees received to environmental organizations (chosen and voted on by GAS users).

GAS is completely transparent to its users, publishing monthly reports of how much money was raised and donated, and even publishing financial and affiliate reports when such actions are not against the affiliate program terms.

The environmental organizations we support are chosen and voted on by our registered users.

This month we’re supporting Conservation International, named among the “10 Best Charities Everyone's Heard Of” by Charity Navigatior.

Our Business Plan

GAS's business plan is focused around two areas:

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Download Press Assets

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